Hey,everyone, I'm Giselle Buonomo, a self-development coach and confidant. I am a life-long resident of Rochester, NY where I currently reside and continue to evolve myself and this coaching endeavor. I previously worked as a professional in an office environment for over 15 years; however my natural ability and passion stemmed from making strong connections and friends with people. Throughout my life I have been someone that is intensely passionate about being true to one's self and helping to bring out the best in individuals through support,honesty, motivation, encouragement, loyalty and compassion. I made some radical and major life changes shortly after my mother passed away from breast cancer at just 50 years of age. My mother was my best friend, mentor and an amazing woman. Watching my mom succumb and slip away was the most excruciating and painful experience I had ever gone through; however, I was fortunate enough to have this woman, who lifted her own self out of many difficulties and was such a loving and inspirational force, to be my mother. Because of her I am who I am and I have the inner knowing and drive to pave my own way for myself. Shortly after my mother passed on I gave up in a sense and allowed others to steer me into what was best for my life. The path I began to follow was more about living according to the standards of society and pleasing others instead of pleasing me. I realized; however, that it was actually pushing me farther away from what was in my heart and I felt a deep longing to do something to honor my mother and to let her know that her work in raising me was worth all the love, effort and sacrifices that she made.

I was so lonely and depressed that I decided to start my life over and begin with a clean slate. I knew I had a lot of soul searching to do so I quit my job and let go of my entire lifestyle including all material possessions, family and friends. It took me down an extremely shocking, dark and hazardous path. I found myself in a controlling and abusive relationship where I was introduced to a lifestyle of poverty and desperation. I even at my lowest point found myself homeless! What's important to know is that I would not and could not be the person I am today if it were not for all that I have seen and experienced. Throughout it all I was able to remain empowered enough to not only make the needed outer changes but the inner changes as well. I have also used my trials and tribulations to my advantage and have become an even more motivated, enlightened and compassionate person. I have developed myself and my understanding of life and of others by remaining true within my heart through all I have endured. As difficult as this journey has been for me I am so grateful for all of it because it has truly made me realize my resilience and it enabled me to reach higher potentials in my life. I have grown that much more and I am proud of who I am and what I've set out to do. I have dedicated this business in honor of my mother because she instilled in me the courage,strength and determination to be confident and true to myself no matter where I may be in life. My passion and desire is to be able to give back to those that truly wish to empower themselves. Those that wish to create more fulfillment within their lives. I believe all of us at any time have the ability to choose what is best for ourselves. The hardest part is getting started and making that solid commitment; however, that is exactly what I aspire and work hard to do for anyone who is ready. I can be that person that is support if you have none and that accountability partner so that you will see it through and reach your goals.

Giselle is a life coach with a focus on self-exploration and understanding. She has a great deal of experience and knowledge in helping individuals to make the most out of their lives whether it be simply getting a new job, changing careers or building better relationships with others. It’s all about gaining that self-confidence and creating a work-life balance. Giselle considers herself more than just a self-development coach. She is a trusted confidant as well. She is a person who is able to put herself into other people's shoes and relate on a down to earth, human level. She acknowledges and has experienced firsthand how difficult and isolating it can be to realize that there must be something more to life and not be sure of just what that something is. The instruction and support she gives is the foundation for people to become aware and gain new perspectives on who they are, the natural abilities they possess and how to live a life that expresses their true essence and she knows…


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